The farm

The farm house of the Casale has been owned by four generations of the same family. They prepare many typical Tuscan products. Guests can taste and buy their products such as extra virgin igp olive oil, sheep cheese (fresh or aged), wine and vinsanto.

All the products of the Casale della Torre are prepared following traditional methods without using preservatives, dyes or industrial methods. Especially the cheese is made without pasteurized milk and with the process of curding. The aging of the cheese is from 15 days to 12 months, and it's made in a fresh place with wooden boards.

They use natural conservants like olive oil, ash, walnut leaves or old clay jars for long aging and preservation. Most of the products are shown in the reception area of the Casale.

Lapo Salvadori, the owner, works and owns a nearby farm located in Fratticciola, a small countryside village of Cortona.

There he grows grain, sunflowers, cereals, grapes and, hay. Whereas, all around the Casale the olives from the many trees are used to make olive oil.

The harvesting of grapes and olives is done by hand, to join together authenticity and tradition. On the separate farm there is sheep breeding. A herd of the sheep were used in the film “Under theTuscan Sun” based on the autobiographical book written by Frances Mayes.